Brides are opting for LOWER and LONGER table decor, instead of Green Giant vases or floral arrangements that guests cannot maneuver around. Apparently, brides are more interested in their guests being able to carry on a conversation without bulky items on tables restricting views. While the taller ensembles do provide a dazzling effect they simply aren’t practical.
new bridal wreaths
Additionally, brides are choosing bridesmaid dresses that work for each bridesmaid. This is very exciting as it creates a more fashionable event with creativity. Not everyone is the same size or has the same delicate features. I imagine more then one bridesmaid has been mortified at the sheer prospect of wearing the standard bridal party frock, as was the audience.
Wedding dresses with splashes of color are also all the rage. This is refreshing since this was actually a commonality back in the Victorian age, a period that my husband and I adore. When we married, I looked for a historic Victorian wedding gown only to be disappointed as the gowns that I favored were in excess of $5,000. I made my dress instead, with the expertise of my stepmother, Nancy Bagley. The week of our wedding she came over and held up two bodices, one in each hand, that I had constructed, and demanded to know which one I wanted. In my complete dismay, I uttered, “I don’t know!” To which she simply tossed one behind her and I wore the strapless instead of the one with capp sleeves! I guess she liked the strapless one better.
RED LIPS are making a bold comeback! We wore red lipstick in the 80’s and thanks to Taylor Swift, we are wearing it again!
Wedding cakes are no longer the dominant dessert either! Expansive dessert tables are popular.
Wedding cakes need not be traditional, marble cakes with simple designs are modern and stylish. Textured designs with organic sugar flower arrangements are very popular.

Your wedding is your day, so choose what best meets with your style. Combine your taste with some modern trends to create an ambience that you will remember, and that your guests will enjoy.

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