The wedding dress should always be showcased! Especially, the train. Do a back shot of the groom and lay your head on his shoulder.
No matter where you get married, utilize the light to enhance your dress. Early evening lighting is the best! Take pictures near trees, textured backgrounds like bricks or stones, and zoom in for full effect on interesting architectural pieces like porticos or interesting windows.
Everyone remembers to shoot pics from the front; but, have you stopped to think of having shots taken from above?
Just looking out an interesting window really showcases the bride and dress.
This shot looks like it belongs in a magazine! Some of the most interesting pictures are the most simple concepts.
on the hanger
This is an exceptional photo with the back of the dress, the bride’s back, and the front of the groom. Think about photo shots before your wedding and print them off for your photographer. Give them an idea of what you want.
Again, simplicity at its best!
Some brides have gorgeous shoes, so showcase them!
Use nature to your full advantage.
Bridesmaids fussing over the bride is timeless.
I love the shots of just the dress! Sometimes, we have too many people shots. It’s alright to be free with your photos and play model for the day. It will make your wedding album more interesting.

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