Weddings are taking on a new and traditional color…NAVY. Navy is crisp and clean, it is a classic color that will look spectacular at your wedding! There are many colors to compliment Navy that will make a dramatic splash on your big day. When I selected my linen napkins, Navy was the first choice. Navy always looks debonair with a white backdrop.

The fabulous Ryan Gosling looks smashing in a navy suit. Navy will add dimension to your wedding, or any event. You can incorporate it in decor, the cake, stationary, even the flowers.

Enjoy your wedding and choose any color that you like! However, I encourage you to go out on a limb, and choose a trending color which you can integrate with your favorite colors. Be adventurous! Sometimes, the best color choices are not our favorites but expanding our palette. When my husband and I married, he lovingly gave me beautiful gold china as a pre-wedding present, so I chose gold as our color. I have never regretted my color choice. We now use gold in lots of decor simply because of our china and the happiness those memories bring us. In the past, I probably never would have used gold so try something new and enjoy being spontaneous and different.

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