The mansion took three years to complete, and is 6,750 sq ft without the basement. Moreover, the basement has concrete ceilings. The house features concrete throughout the entire foundation. Alma Hall noted that when she was a little girl, she remembers “men with mules and shovels” digging the basement and foundation. Today, this is the front entrance; however, prior to development this was the backyard of a farm. The architect was known for making the back of the home as pretty as the front.
Beautiful 90 year old Panicled Goldenrain Tree greets visitors at the entrance and has gorgeous fragrant flowers in summer, followed by “paper lantern” capsule like pods with kernels. After it rains, these paper lanterns also greet visitors on the porch and parking lot. In the fall, it has bold gold colors. This tree was introduced to France in 1789, it is of Asian origins, namely, China, Japan, and Korea. It was probably imported when the house was completed in 1930, along with other imports noted in the newspaper archives.